With competitive roundup, there is another step taken by Google Inc, launch Nexus 5 Manufactured By LG. As we’ve seen Samsung Note 3 and Apple IPhone 5C bombard the smartphone market but what are important and hidden features in Google Nexus 5, does it worth to buy?

Nexus 5 first Look

And now Nexus 5 is available on Amazon store price range between $49.99 – $499.99 (based on contract). Google Nexus 5th Generation smart phone is loaded with new software and hardware revamped in productivity.
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Ok, I got, here is quick trick to disable Google SSL by default, if you are not interested to encrypt your Google search, just follow my steps. Only all you have to do is just add nord=1? Parameter in url Parameter.
For example, Searching for Google will bring results with SSL
As we have seen, yahoo just changed the layout to its email clients and also yahoo Logo inspired by Masrrisa Mayer (Yahoo ! CEO). Yahoo changed its interface to adapt it more catchy and easy to use. But many of its user are disagreed with new yahoo mail Look.

Finally Google proves it’s prominent in smartphone market with Google Nexus 7. Google Inc. manufactured Nexus with Associate Company – Asus. To make it different and great, both are working on same model for next generation Nexus Smartphone. Google Launched Nexus 7 in 16GB and 32GB. Well we have been tried both version and recommend to buy 32GB Version.

Apple MacBook revamped - Apple MacBook Pro MD101LL featuring Intel 3rd Generation processor and make your experience better as ever. So next generation Graphics makes display more bright and crisp than before and it is 60 time faster. AppleMacBook Pro MD101LL comes with the fastest I/O which transfer data at 10 GBPS.

Apple MacBook Pro MD101LL features a unibody crafted from single aluminum block and makes it lighter and as mobile phone (less than 1 inch thin and just 4.5 pounds).
Looking for best gaming laptops under 1000 dollars or you want to get best price laptop which can be used for gaming purpose. So a lot of new laptops are available in computer market today, but we get confused when we want to have one
Samsung – the Smartphone Giant presented another version of pretty cool Samsung Galaxy S4 and now it calls it ‘Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini. Another big step toward smartphone market. S4 Mini Review and Full Specifications will get you shocked – So what is inside S4?
Belkin Belkin Cooling Pads always make people to buy and check its hot reviews. So this time, we have Belkin Coolspot Anywhere Ultra Laptop Cooling Pad, the most comfortable cooling pad yet for highly configuration laptops. 

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