How To Make Money with Blogger Online Free - Adsense Tips & Advice


I know that you are very curious to know about to change a simple blog to money making machine with some online techniques. Only writing content is not your work but you have to need to find some techniques for monetize to your blogger. Well if you are looking for same then you are welcome and I recommend you to make a habit to write good content first because content is king on internet. Some Baisc tips for make money online with blogger or your any website are below:

Decide What you have!
If you are looking for good niche then first try to ask yourself. You are already perfect in any niche the try to come it in your blog. If you have something different which other don’t have then you are qualified for first step. So first you need to decide your blogger niche.

Paper & Pan:
Collect resources which you should have when you will start your blog. For e.g, you need to have a domain name, hosting, content resources and creative ideas. After all this make a plan on your paper sheet and mark them step by step.

Start Posting some Good contents:
For popularity, you need to write something new which does not exist on internet. After getting some traffic through organic search, you need to make habit for post daily 1-2 articles with quality content.

Build some Target Audience:
For making target audience, you must use social networks as I recommend. There are a large no of sites which provides social profile option. Use PPC, for getting some followers and must use attractive title for post on social networks. If you will post any post which is not to your niche then there is no meaning of social media profile.

 Final Step for monetize:
A good niche blog with good traffic is capable for getting advertiser. Well, if it is your first then I will say Google adsense. But if you have some experience in blogging field then try some affiliates for e.g amazon, flipcart, commentluv etc.

All these steps are here for basic user and if they have some queries related to our content then you are most welcome.

One Thing I will say "Always start a blog with useful content not money, & money is reward which you will get with it.”

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