How To Check Cache in Google Chrome Without Any Software?


Although we have a number of micro apps that are able to find out the cache urls but this time, we have check all cache urls without help of any of these software. Sometime when we need to wish to check what last time viewed on pc by anyone or yourself. Then this is the best techniques to find out it. Chrome cache tricks is simple and easy to do.

How to Check Cache in Chrome

#Step 1: Open Google Chrome and Enter:
Chrome://cache in address bar

#Step 2: Hit Enter to see all cache urls which was seen by your computer.

What you can do with it:
If you are watching any Videos or Media on Your PC, Then you are not required to find out download link of that media, you have to just check cache urls and then you will find direct download link for media that you were watching It may be YouTube videos or any image.

What is more in Chrome?
If you want to do something with Google chrome then try type Chrome://  in address bar, what you see some other suggestion, then try out it and hit enter that what is that:

For example: chrome://version/

It will show version of chrome browser and also show some advanced information for technical problems.

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