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Internet user will not read your whole stuff step by step because due to time plenty. But if you write which is really useful to your readers and here I can tell you that what they like. More customize in content format, can bring you more visitors and may increase no of returning visitors.

Some points that you can write great content for your website:

# If you look for other websites and analyze them what they are doing and what is missing in there, if you found something interesting web content, then you should follow it and publish it on your web blog.

People who are looking for good blog content is in hurry and don’t have enough time to read your full post. So you must mention important content in first paragraph as said by marketing concept.

Make Search title in such a way they may attract people through SERPs (search engine result page)

Use some tactics which are used by prestigious websites, like use H1,H2,H3 in your content and also should use caption and alt tag wherever you need  it, it will make readability for users.

While do writing with SEO, take care of global audience. Make blog content in such a way that may be read globally without any complexity. Use simple words and phrases in content and not mention or write word which is specific for any country.

# Try to cover extra questions in your content if you are writing about any product (Reviews) and also you can add a comment line for ask question to users.

Install Google Analytics in your blog or websites and track visitors activity and filter problems that what they are looking for. For e.g. track old blog content and analyze all missing points that you had in that web content.

Use Graphic or image in your content that tell conclusion of your blog content. You can add an inforgraphics for perform the whole activity in your content. Always use images which are not copyright people may claim for it and you will have to face a unforeseen event.

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