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Recently Google announced a Basic Help System for those who have a website affected or hacked by someone. In Google Websites help, it is explained
how to do’s & don’ts in such type of situation. Google made a series of such problems and added no of videos and articles to overcome with this situation.
Google named it “Help of Hacked Websites” and you can access tutorial series . In this chapter they are learned that how to overcome this situation and gain control again on own websites when it faced circumstances.

Also Google added some lines for internet User “For example, unbeknownst to the site owner, the hacker may have infected their site with harmful code, which in turn can record keystrokes on visitors' computers, stealing login credentials for online banking or financial transactions.”

Behind this Google had launched programmes for Techies who can find out loop whole in Google security System and may injured your computer with over technical problems? So Also it is advised for all Internet user that they are full time internet user and do transaction online via internet facilities must use any authority antivirus for track and defend internet activity.


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