How to Transfer Google Reader Subscriptions to Other Services - Simple Steps


As Google is going to shut down its Reader Service then it is explained that How to transfer your Reader feeds to other accounts. For this you have to follow few simple
steps as given. It is quietly simple and starts with Google take out. You have to download Your RSS feeds using Google take out.

Now you have to export your feeds and it will be save in .json or .xml format and after that you have to use it for further.

Steps1:  Go for create archive and now it will import all your favourite websites using your Google reader services
Steps: Now you have some downloaded files
Step3: Now choose other services through you want to transfer your feeds.

Some Cool Websites for Feed Transfer:

How to use it?
Now when you are logged into your account and then choose import feeds then it will ask for choose .xml file and then choose ok and hit enter.
Now wait for while until you have completed upload 100%.
Both Websites are suitable and legal for transfer your Google reader subscription.

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