Indian Blogger Online Banking System ATM OR Internet Banking?


ATM OR Online Banking, Which is best for Indian bloggers. So what are using now? If you are using ATM for online money transaction then it is hardest way
to deal with your clients. So I mean to say that you should have online banking system. Because it has a lot than ATM or Credit Card. So what did you think?

Let me explains why it is important to have a e banking account!
Suppose, that you have to purchase domain name online and you use ATM or debit card or etc but if you want to transfer money to your clients or receive then what do you use at that time

Advantages to have E Banking System:

  • Transfer Money to anywhere with your account
  • Tax free transaction as per RBI Rules
  • Shopping With ease and in quick Time
  • Safe and secure than any other services

What About Adsense?
Sorry but you can’t receive money from Google Adsense to banking account online. It is self process and takes time to do it manually, that you must receive check at your residence.

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