Make Money With YouTube Video – Hidden Tricks


As we know about YouTube, the world’s largest video hosted website and broadcast. But most of us, who are blogger don’t know that how we can generate revenue through YouTube accountor make money with YouTube account.

YouTube money processis not as complicated as other think, on this page I will show you that how you can make money with YouTube video. Kindly follow my steps and Just through it:

Step 1:
Make a YouTube Account and setup a good profile on YouTube.

Step 2:
Upload few Cool Videos but not to copyrighted (Make your own YouTube video)

Step 3:
After uploading, wait for views and then after 1 week monetized that video if it has good views.

Step 4:
Now Next steps is that you have to associate YouTube account with Google AdSense

How to Enable YouTube Monetized Tab:
Step 1:
Go on left sidebar on monetized tab

Step 2:
Now enable monetized tab by act on button

Step 3;
Check uploaded video and mark monetized video to apply monetized options.

Step 4:
 In monetized section, check below tactics concerned to YouTube eligibility

Step 5:
Check there is an option for “How to monetized YouTube video” and go through it

Step 6:
Now it will ask for associate AdSense account and enter your Gmail details but if you don’t AdSense account you can apply through it.

Step 7:
After it wait for 2-3 days for AdSense approve using YouTube monetized.

So it is the complete process on “Make money with YouTube Account”, if there is any problem you can comment and mention your trouble shooting.

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