XBOX One Price In India 2013 Specs - XBOX One VS Play Station 4

Microsoft the Tech and Software giant Among the World largest Entrepreneurship, recently released a beautiful playground for gamer geeks and Name is “XBOX One”. Also Geeks looking for prices on various online store to pre orders. Indian Tech geeks need to wait for few times because it is not going to release in India as soon as they expect.

XBOX One Prices in India:

If we talk about Xbox one price in India then newly news updated by amazon and unveiled price of XBOX One on its online Store. It is about £600 and can be preordered on certain price. As most of retailers expecting £350-400 and offer to preorders. Previous version of Xbox 360 was priced at £210 and PlayStation 3 was priced at £425 so it is possible to get rate higher of Xbox one than previous Microsoft accessories.

XBOX One Specs (Specifications and features):

Some cool features are added in latest Microsoft XBOX One. And most of Specs are brought from Windows 8. And here is list of MS Xbox One Specs:
Smart Speech Recognition
Online Skype Setup
Xbox Smart Glass
Xbox one Latest graphics and Processors
Motion Controller
Advanced Gaming Concepts

XBOX One VS PlayStation 4 Comparing :

Xbox One Reviews:
Gamer geeks will get pleasure and best gaming experience through Xbox one. Real engagement start when it offers geeks to play motion games with motion sensor and best thing is that its smart glass that is incredibly creative than other gaming platforms.
Most Of biggest reviews company like IGN, Engadget and CNET give it best rating among all gaming console available in market.

Should you buy?

Nice Question again, I say “Yes”, because best realism with gaming can be feel only when you have Xnox one. Pre-orders are also available through Amazon, BestBuy and all other Online shopping cart and specially in India.  

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