Blogging Tips 2013 for Students Hidden Tricks for Beginners SEO Friendly


Here we are providing you the hidden tricks for blogging. It is depending on you whether you blogging in your classroom or any other place. Consider these tips to make your blogging more creative, interesting and meaningful.
It is very necessary to blog your post regularly.
You can also post your blog once in One week or in two weeks.

How to make Blogging more Effective?

Choose an Eye Catching Title

The title you choose for your blog is perfect and effective. A reader read only that blog which has an eye catching title. Title is the first by which reader get attract or impressed. As first impression is the last impression. 
  • You can use your title in the form of questions.
  • Make your title original as it is not be copied from anywhere else.
  • Choose the current titles.

Take help of web

To make your blog more attentive, take the help of media or doing advertisement. Take the images of that student who can do these types of activities and posted that blog on websites or at Flicker, Picasa, and YouTube.
  • You can also use digital camera for clicking the images or for making a video.
  • You can also use social networking sites for uploading pictures.

Make your blog more Meaningful

It is easy to dream a book but it is really hard to write on it. Firstly you should have a full knowledge of that what you are going to write. Choose a fresh content in your blog.
  • Think of your own ideas for the post.
  • Make your blog easy to read and prevent it from sidetracked.
  • Check your facts before publishing.

Proper use of Grammar and Punctuation

Ignore silly mistakes like Grammar and Punctuation. Before preparing a final draft, make sure that your post is straight too your blog. Highlight the main things in your blog.
  • Use proper verbs and tenses while making a blog.
  • Ignore Punctuation mistakes as you tend to lose respect from others.
  • Use proper paragraph in your blog to make it more attentive.

Proper use of Tagging

When you tag your post make sure that you use proper phrases and at least half dozen of words or not. It will make easier to find the Key–word search.
  • Add an image on any other web tool to make your post more interesting.
  • To make your post more creative, you can also use animated pictures.
  • Try to reply almost all of your comments.

Things to remember

  • Before Publishing, Make sure that an adult read over your post.
  • Limit the no of widgets on your blog otherwise it will be slow to load.
  • Choose a theme which is attractive and match with your blog.
  • Use question at the end of your blog. It will make your blog more impressive.

With the help of these points, a student can write for entire world. If a student is creative then isn't it our duty to help him?

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