How Do I Compose Email in 3 Second – Pro Tips

Sam want to send an email to his friend, he has only 5 second to do it, what he will do it. Guess, there may be a hidden tricks inside Gmail or Google chrome web browser. First, lily open Gmail program
and then he waits for open Gmail account to load and then he compose a new email. Now these are the simple steps and everyone will do it in same manner.

Now it is time to save your time, what I will do for save my time.  Here are simple points to compose a new email in just 3 seconds.

Steps To Compose A Email In Just 3 Seconds:

Open Google chrome and type in address bar ‘mailto:’ and then press enter to perform your action. What do you see, there will be opened a new window and asking to fill required entry to send a email address to destiny.

This is the best way to compose an email address fast as possible. Given Syntax works across Web Browsers with ease.

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