How to Add Google Hot Trends in a Website – Tutorial

Google Trends is a tool develop by Google Inc. and shows that what people are searching in real time. Before few days Google trends gets a small update ‘Metro live search’. Well, here is small tutorial for those newbies who want to embed or add a live search visualization in their websites.

Google trends shows both hot topics and hot searches and are available in selected counties including India. Webmaster can show live data from Google trends according to preferred countries available in dropdown menu.

How to Embed Google Hot Trends In A Webpage:

1.       Type in web browser address bar and hit enter
2.       Choose country for which you want to show real time searches
3.       Next step after choosing country, see right top at top searches on ‘Embed’
4.       Open embed link and choose widget width and heights as per requirement.
5.       Now copied code below dialog box and paste wherever you want to show ‘Google trends hot topics’
Google Trends Widget Demo

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