How To Protect Windows 7 From Viruses- Hidden Tricks

Hello friends! If you are irritated with virus and your system gets hanged repeatedly then you gotta be reading this. Here in this section we provide you the hidden tricks by which you can get rid of from viruses.

Protecting your system from virus is not a difficult task but for this you have to be cautious of some things.

Tricks to Protect Windows 7 from Viruses

Here we are providing you some hidden tricks to protect windows 7 from viruses. These hidden tricks are mentioned below:

Keep your Windows 7 Up to date

To shake off your system from virus, updating is necessary. Microsoftpresents free tools and special security updates that can detect viruses and prevent windows 7 from them. Be ensure that these features works only when Windows automatic updating turn on.

Install an Antivirus in your system

To get rid of from virus, choose a trusted antivirus program for your windows 7 and update it time to time. Some antivirus programs are based on annual subscriptions but mostly anti virus software’s are free like Microsoft Security Essentials. You can easily download Microsoft Security Essentials from your browser.

User Account Control should be turned on

Be ensure that UAC (User Account Control) should be turned on. UAC help you to prevent unauthorized changes in your system. These changes can affect the security of windows 7.

To turn on UAC:

It is very simple to turn on UAC. Go to the start button and then click on to control panel. Now open User account control settings. Now with these settings you can turn on or off your UAC.

Prevent from those emails and attachments file to whom you don’t recognize

Viruses can also be spread by emails and attachments. It is best to prevent from unknown attachments. Don't open the emails if you don’t know them. You can also block these attachments with the help of Microsoft Outlook and windows mail.

Proper use of Firewall

Firewall helps your Windows 7 to block viruses and hackers which attempts to harm your program when you download anything from your browser. So use of Firewall is must if you want to protect your windows from viruses.

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