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Keepvid is a free website for downloading video songs,which is commonly known to others. Here in this blog, we are mention you the different sites by which you can free download your choice of video song.

Here are some websites which helps you to download Mp3 songs free:

Clip Nabber

Clip Nabber is an online site by which you can download Mp3 songsor Videos. You can download your choice of videos by same methods as you apply by Keepvid or other sites. Write the video’s page address in Clipnabber in the input and go to the Nab Button.

Clip Nabber is an online tool which is user friendly because Clip Nabber is available in different international languages.

Video Grabber

Video Grabber is also the roster of Keepvid which helps you to download Mp3 songs. The procedure is same for Video Grabber also. Just enter the URL at home page of Video Grabber and go to Grab It.
You can also download that required video and save it in your storage device.

Orbit Downloader

Orbit downloader is also an online tool which is used for downloading WebM as well as HTML5 videos through YouTube.

Orbit downloader supports with multi source downloading technology which extends up to HTTP, FTP and MMS protocols.

Clip Grab

Clip Grabis software for windows to find same features as Keepvid. Clip Grab also have a feature to convert your downloaded song into other format videos like MPEG4, WMV etc. as well as in audio format like MP3, OGG etc.


SaveVidis other website to download video or MP3 song from other website like YouTube. The process of downloading is as same as Keepvid.
Copy the URL address and paste that in the input field and then click the download button.

So these are the top 5 websites other than Keepvid by which you can free download Mp3 songs or videos according to your choice.

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