Step By Step Guide To Building a Wordpress Website- Newbie Tips

Hey Bloggers you will find so many websites that are providing lot of stuff about creating a websites step by step guidelines but more than half websites are worthless and giving useless views and guidelines that create confusions about blogging.

Even I have faced too much difficulties initially but now I'm going to clear few basic and some advanced terms to fix all that and here you will find step by step guidelines to build up your website on wordpress.These tips are also for useful for newbie.

Step By Step Guide to Building a Wordpress Website

If we talk about the feature of wordpress then CMS that stands for content management system is come first that help to create and publish the website at top level

Domain selection

This is the first and most important step to build up your own website. Many of you thinking about the term ‘Domain Name’ so it’s nothing more than the name of your website for example “”.
Domain name is divided into four categories:
  1. Top level domain (end of any domain like .com, .gov)
  2. Root Domain (full control over your root domain like
  3. Sub Domain (appears before root domain like
  4. Sub Folder (listed after top level domain)

Selection of hosting package

Be careful while choosing your hosting packagebecause if it wrong then your website is suffer. When you looking for a host consider these three elements first:
  • Limitations (Hosting a domain, storage capacity etc)
  • Company (company positive reviews, supporting system etc.)
  • Pricing (Additional cost, Trial period etc)
  • Best hosting package is that which is recommended by your friends.

Uploading of Wordpress

After this you have to upload your wordpress. You can download the latest version of wordpressfrom internet and create a zip folder in it.

Generate a Database

A database is that where you store your wordpress. Make proper use of username and password for this.

Installation of wordpress

  • Wordpress will require some basic information after that installation is completed. 
  • Use an effective password by which hackers cannot access your wordpress.

Choose a new Theme

You can choose a new theme according to your choice to make your own website.

Secure Wordpress

Security of wordpress is more essential as hackers catch you. For this you have to keep your wordpress up to date. You can also remove Admin name from your wordpress to make it safe.

Making essential page

  • You have to maintain your website by making effective pages.
  • Make a home page.
  • Import all contacts in synchronous way.
  • Make a proper list of your friends.

Set up Analytics

You have to create a proper analytics that how many visitors stay on your page. Which page they viewed most. How many times they stay on each page.

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