Simple Trick To Change Yahoo Layout To Classic (Basic) Version

As we have seen, yahoo just changed the layout to its email clients and also yahoo Logo inspired by Masrrisa Mayer (Yahoo ! CEO). Yahoo changed its interface to adapt it more catchy and easy to use. But many of its user are disagreed with new yahoo mail Look.

So we decided to make tutorial based on changing yahoo mail new look to classic. Although there are only steps to do it fast. Yahoo mail makes its interface looks good but we think, it should be much comfortable than before so here are steps and make it live on your yahoo mail.

Step1: Go to yahoo mail and look at upper right corner.
Step2: choose setting option and then choose mail option.

Step3: in left sidebar, click on viewing email
Step4: once you get in, you will see option (Advance and Basic mail version)

Step5: Now just choose Basic mode and refresh your yahoo mail window.
Step6: Now you are done (some features might have not working properly)

Any problem to change layout, you can express it by mentioning in comment box!

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