I Don’t want to Encrypt My Search by Google Secure Socket Layer: Fix

image credit by searchengineland.com

Ok, I got, here is quick trick to disable Google SSL by default, if you are not interested to encrypt your Google search, just follow my steps. Only all you have to do is just add nord=1? Parameter in url Parameter.
For example, Searching for Google will bring results with SSL

If you remove ‘s’ from https , it will still return result on same SSL url.
But here is short tip, just add nord=1 in url parameter and try;

https://www.google.co.in/?nord=1&q=google(don’t forget to remove ‘s’ from https)

Although, there is another documentation about SSL Removing, but when you run your network.
As you know, Searches on Google now is encrypted on large scale that is the prominent reason for Google analytics ‘Not Provided’

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